Brinell Hardness Testers
TH3000E Digital Brinell Hardness Tester

TH3000E Digital Electronic Brinell Hardness Tester is a unified product combining optical, mechanic and electronic techniques, which is adopted the precise mechanical structure and computer control closed-circuit system. Without the weights, the instrument loads and unloads the testing force with the motor. By means of the 0.5 accuracy compression sensor to feedback the information and the CPU to control, the instrument compensates automatically the testing force lost during the testing.

Equipped with a digital micro eyepiece on the instrument, the length of indentation can be measured by this eyepiece directly. All testing data such as the testing method, the testing force value, the length of testing indentation, the hardness value and the dwell time of testing force can be showed on the LCD screen, without inputting the value of diagonal length for the indentation and free from looking up the hardness value form the hardness table as well, therefore the reading data are more accuracy and operation of this instrument is more easy.

Test Force
612.9N(62.5kg), 980N(100kg), 1226N(125kg), 1839N(187.5kg), 2452(250kg), 4900N(500kg), 7355N(750kg), 9800N(1000kg), 14700N(1500kg), 29400N(3000kg)
Max Height of the Specimen
Max Distance from the lndenter Center to the Instrument Panel
Amplification of the Digital Micro Eyepiece
Min.Graduation Value of the Drum Wheel of the Digital Micro Eyepece
Powerm Voltage
AC220V 50/60Hz
Standard configurations:

main unit  1 PC
Testing Table :Large, Small and V-Shaped each 1 PC
Hard Alloyed Steel Ball Indenters:2.5mm, 5mm, 10mm, each 1PC
One 15 Digital Micro Eyepiece
Two Standard Hardness Blocks (HBW 3000/10 150-250)(HBW 750/5 75-125)

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