Torque Meter
HN-C series digital dynamic torque tester
HN - C series digital dynamic torque tester isan intelligent measuring instrument for testing all kinds of dynamic torque.  It's mainly used for and detection of design and manufacture all kinds of dynamic torque and an intelligent measuring instrument. Used for detection and correction of various output torque of motor, reducer. Widely applied in all kinds of electrical manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, scientific research institutions and other industries.
Main Characteristics
1.     High accuracy,High resolution and High sample rate
2.     Set the upper and lower deviation value freedom,      sound alarm and automatically level signal output
3.     Test direction display (clockwise" + " ,counterclockwise"
         -  ")
4.     Sections of liquid crystal display, green backlight panel
5.     Store 99 groups of test data, and automatically
        calculating the average of the data is stored, the
        maximum and the  minimum
6. Converting three units(N.m,, automatically.
7.     Catching the peak value in test,showing it on display for
        0-99 sconds,then releasing the value and being ready
       for the next peak.
8.    Gravitational acceleration value can be set
9.    Power off time(0-99 minutes)can be set by yourself.
10.  Using external intelligent charger, can charge the            battery safety, extend battery life
11.  Serial output (baud rate, 9600), can print the test data
       and the maximum, minimum,
12.  Average connection PC for real-time data can be read,
       storage, analysis, printing and other operations
  HN-C Series Spec Parameters
Model HN-1C HN-2C HN-5C HN-10C HN-20C HN-50C HN-100C HN-200C HN-500C
Capacity 1N.m 2N.m 5N.m 10N.m 20N.m 50N.m 100N.m 200N.m 500N.m
Resolution 0.0005N.m 0.001N.m 0.002N.m 0.005N.m 0.01N.m 0.02N.m 0.05N.m 0.1N.m 0.2N.m
Connection Size 12mm 18mm 28mm 38mm
Accuracy 1% 2%
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